Where I Studied...

I'm a recent graduate from Cal Poly Pomona (whoo Class of 2017!) with a focus on Graphic Design. I doubled down to minor in Art History and Marketing Management in the same four years of studying.

Those past four years have been an accumulation of many late hours, passing sips of coffee, and dedication to the work I continue to love after it all.

Where am I now?

Nowadays my work is dedicated to helping others in their own businesses, while growing in my own skills of design. So far, this has ranged from a tech company, non-profits, camping companies, and the college campus I graduated from. Some of my favorite projects have included forms of print design, advertising, brand identity, and occasionally, photography.

One of my biggest mantras is when my client is happy, I'm happy. I take lots of satisfaction in helping others succeed while designing something epic together.